My Favorite Kitchen

This kitchen stems from a remodel that we were hired to do recently.  I am in love our recent clients that hired us to do a kitchen remodel.  They live in a farmhouse that dates back to the 1880’s.  This is a spectacular piece of property and the owners have done everything possible to keep the beauty of this house in period style.  They are collectors of everything old.  Pottery, tools, cookbooks, china, even spatulas! 
Their kitchen is a mixture of antiques, VERY nice stove, and tons of old plates, utensils, and lovely old windows and doors.  We are not replacing anything, just moving it around to fit their “stuff”  It’s a wonderful project, using your existing cabinets and refinishing is a great idea, cost saver, and a lovely idea for this project.  New cabinetry would just look out of place in this house.  These cabinets were build in place, so they have been there a very long time.  This is a perfect example of what you can do with what you have.  Hardware replacement, paint, and some re-arranging is all that we have done in order to provide them with the kitchen they love.  Please, please, please, let us be able to do more of these types of projects in the future.  It’s a shame that there aren’t as many 1880’s home out there that anyone is trying to restore to it’s original glory.  I will post pictures as soon as the project is finished.  Right now I am looking into cookbook storage that will house 50 years of the best cookbooks you can think of.  They are pieces of history, I am so excited just to read them.  Love this research!!


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