The Window Drama…

For those of you that know me personally, you have been involved with my window drama for about 6 months.  I won’t bore you with any details, but let’s just say I can sleep at night now.  They finally arrived a few weeks ago and this project is almost complete.  We are still waiting the arrival of the French Door, but the bulk of our materials are here and we got started right away.  The following pictures don’t do these windows any justice, but you can get an idea as to the size of them.  We did ask that the mfg. not mull all of them together due to the weight of them since they are so large, but they did it anyway and I needed to call on He-Man to help install them on the 2nd floor.  He-Man is getting up there in age, so he relied on his ingenuity instead of large muscles.  A dolly was made and supports to the 2nd floor were needed, but we managed to get them installed, no steroid usage required.  They are really beautiful and make a huge impact on energy savings.

This is an old hunting lodge built about 45 years ago.  Everything in this house is made of redwood, cedar, and pine.  To get this much redwood these days would probably cost 10 times the amount it did 45 years ago.  This place is quite the treasure and the family that resides here on their time off will retire to a very serene (and energy efficient) place in the coming years.  So glad to have worked them!

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