The Treehouse

I was trying to come up with a topic for the blog today and I asked Lee what was the most fun project we ever did.  No hesitation…The Treehouse.  It’s probably the tallest playground in our area.  Topping out at 35′ tall with a zip line going to the child’s bedroom window, it’s a monster.  This took about 2 weeks to build, and about a month to get the permits.  The city of Edwardsville didn’t know exactly how to categorize this one, so we listed it as a deck.  Quite the deck, it does have 3 platforms with the first one starting at 20′ high.  We built this in 2006 and have never had the opportunity to sell another one like it.  The first thing we are asked when people see pictures is “Aren’t they afraid the kid will fall?”  My reply is always…”You won’t see my kids up there…”

We love these clients for giving us the opportunity to something so much fun and elaborate.  We have worked with them since then and their kids are older, but their taste in “over the top” design hasn’t changed.  Great people with a great imagination!

This is just the start…

And the finished project…so much fun!


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