Home Field Advantage

In today’s economy people are finding it more and more difficult to find suitable housing for their elderly parents or for people with disabilities.  Many times these people are not completely disabled, but just need some extra help with everyday living.  There are many ways to stay in your house and be able to have a wheelchair, walker, or assistance in the bathroom and you don’t need to knock down every wall and start from scratch.  We are currently helping a couple make their home accessible  for these things on a limited budget.  You can certainly spend tens of thousands of dollars and have a complete remodel done, but it isn’t always necessary.

The bathroom is the most important room to evaluate first when dealing with a remodel.  Walk-In Showers, Grab Bars, Toilets, and Sinks can all be replaced for a reasonable cost and make the bathroom very accessible to someone in a wheelchair or walker.  Widening doors and installing shelving that keeps things within reach are also good choices.  Kitchens can also easily be renovated to accommodate most disability situations.  Ramps, door openers, and call buttons are very important.  The idea is to keep the client comfortable in their own home and make life easier for them.

These type of remodels don’t have to resemble a hospital either.  The styles and designs we can provide can make your home handicap accessible and attractive at the same time.

Lee’s Services provides free estimates for these projects.  I can offer countless options with product availability.  If the option is there to stay in your home verses going into care that is expensive and might not be needed yet, don’t you want to explore the home field advantage?  Call us today, we can help.


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